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Nobama Today for Phillies

With the passing of Harry Kalas, the Phillies cancelled their visit today to the White House to be recognized as worold champions there. Coming off the heels of a victory yesterday against the Nationals, the Phillies will use today to remember a great man who was very important to the game.

With heavy hearts, the Phils beat out the Nationals yesterday in an offensive-minded game. In the game, Ryan Howard and Shane Victorino launched their first homeruns of the season while Raul Ibanez hit his third of the year. Howard has been using all of the field thus far this season. He has taken the ball into the leftcenter gap numerous times with power this year and yesterday one finally went out. Chase Utley was held hitless for the first time this season and the Phils still put up nine runs.

This offense can even do better though. Jimmy Rollins is hitting .121 so far this season and we all know that once he starts to get on base more and more each game, he will steal and take the extra base and give the middle of the lineup every chance to drive him home.

The pitching on the other hand, is improving but still isn’t doing it’s job. Jamie Moyer had a better outing than his first and what we saw yesterday is probably what we should expect from Moyer this season. Six innings and four runs with a walk or two with some good and bad days in between.

Brad Lidge let up a two-run bomb to Ryan Zimmerman. The second homerun of the year he’s let up. Luckily, an insurance run in the top of the eigth kept Lidge from earning a blown save but he does worry me. Although I shouldn’t really be worried when I take a look at the statistics. He’s only surrendered four hits and a walk in five innings with seven strikeouts (1.00 WHIP). The two homeruns he’s surrendered to Zimmerman and Matt Diaz are the runs he’s let up so hopefully he starts to lower that ERA a bit becuase we won’t have a two or three run lead every game.


Tomorrow the Phils will look to keep the Nationals without a win on the 2009 season when they send Joe Blanton to the mound. Blanton will attempt to rebound from his rough first start against Atlanta in which he lasted four innings and gave up seven earned runs. He was said to have looked the best coming out of spring training out of all the Phillies pitcher so a return to that would convienient.


This is a Terrible Day. RIP Harry Kalas.

At 1:20 pm on Monday, April 13th, 2009 Harry Kalas passed away.

We lost our voice,” said Phillies president and CEO David Montgomery. This is an awful day. It’s unbelievable to think that I will watch and listen to a Phillies game without the sound of Harry Kalas’ voice.

He was the voice of the Phils and much, much more. He cared about and loved the game, the team, the fans, and the town. There’s really no one else I would rather listen to call a ballgame. Harry was the voice of the team and the city. Mike Schmidt said something along the lines of, one of the greatest compliments we can give Harry is that we took him for granted. In a sense that he had a distinct voice. He certainly did, he had the voice.

Montgomery went on to say, “He has loved our game and made just a tremendous contribution to our sport and certainly to our organization.” Tremendous isn’t even the right adjective. There is no adjective for Harry’s contribution to the game of baseball.

Listening to him call the final out of the World Series a little while ago gave me chills and made me tear up.

My favorite Harry memory, apart from him calling the World Series win, is while I was at the last game at Veterans Stadium. He sang “Auld Lang Syne” to the crowd and it was the best thing ever. Listening to him call the games was the best thing ever. I grew up on that voice while listening to the Phillies and it will be so different to not hear it anymore. He was the voice of the Phils and the fans. There will be no other like Harry Kalas.

After Brad Lidge caught Eric Hinske on his slider to end the World Series Kalas said, “Let the city celebrate.” Then we did, and we will now Harry, celebrating your life will not be hard.

Do it for Harry, repeat for Harry.