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Cooperstown Bound

doubledayfield.gifI’m going to Cooperstown on Friday. What a way to kick MLB’s opening weekend. Where else would you want to spend it (other than at the games). It’s probably one of the greatest towns in the entire world. Little towns in America like that are some of the coolest around (especially towns with Minor League teams). It’s total focus is around baseball. Restaurants where the menus revolve around baseball related names for the food. Collectable stores galore line the streets where you can find any players’ rookie card, even though it comes at a price. It’s one of the greatest places in the world.

There’s no other way I would want to start April and easter weekend. So here are my five favorite places in baseball (that I’ve been to):

FIVE Baltimore, Maryland
Oriole Park at Camden Yards is awesome on gameday. I did a review about this stadium on this blog a while ago. But to sum it up, Eutaw Street and the whole batting practice scene is awesome. Great fans, great ballpark, great baseball town.

FOUR Dyersville, Iowa
I guess you would have to had seen the movie but I don’t know a baseball fan that hasn’t seen this classic. Just to be able to walk around on that field and have a catch on it is amazing. I found myself asking, “Is this heaven?” I was waiting for Kevin Costner to answer me and say, “No, it’s Iowa.”

THREE Philadelphia, PA
You’ve got to love this stadium. The Phillies took the open-air stadium theme and added their own style to it with Ashburn Alley and great characteristics all around the ballpark. I can’t wait to start going to games this season, right now I have tickets to six games and once school is over, I’m at Citizen’s Bank Park.

TWO Boston, Mass.
There just isn’t a stadium like this one, and I hope they never ever ever get rid of it. I’ve been to Fenway Park only once and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Just taking the tour of the stadium alone left me in awe. Then the game was even cooler. Greatest ballpark in baseball.

ONE Cooperstown, New York
I think you could have guessed it. A town focused around solely baseball. Doubleday Field. The Hall of Fame. The whole town is unreal and a baseball fans dream.

St. Louis, Missouri — Busch Stadium
Louisville, Kentucky — Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum


TODAY: The Phillies recieve their rings today and then send Joe Blanton to the mound as they search for their first victory. Let’s go Fightin Phils.


Stadium Review: Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Seating Capacity: 48,190

Surface: Grass

I have been to more than a few games at West Camden Street. It is one of the most beautiful and original stadiums in the league. The way the stadium feels when sitting in it is very homey and comfortable. The way it pioneered the open outfield stadium splurge makes it feel kind of historic. It’s best feature is the signature warehouse behind the right field wall and Eutaw Street. The view of the city is great past the scoreboard and the ivy covered batters-eye.

It’s a shame that the Orioles fans don’t come out more. Attendance has fallen and they fell short of bringing in two million fans last year. They have a beautiful stadium and if their team isn’t winning, they’re always hosting the Red Sox, Rays, Yankees, and Blue Jays.

What to do in the city before the game: Go to the Inner Harbor and grab some lunch at Phillips. Check out the Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum only a few blocks from the ballpark. If there’s enough time, the aquarium is very well done.

What to do when the gates open: Go to the rightfield wall and try to catch a batting practice homer. Check out Eutaw Street and they have plaques where some sluggers have cranked homeruns onto Eutaw Street.

Where to sit: The view while sitting on the third base side lower level is as good as it gets. So while it still daylight, you have a great view of the Baltimore skyline and then you have the warehouse at night.

Player to go watch: O’s outfielder Nick Markakis. The 25 year old is quietly becoming a star in this league.

Grade: A
It is one of my favorite stadiums to go to. What moved Camden Yards from an A- to an A is the fact that it doesn’t have a stupid corporation name. There are currently no naming rights to the stadium and I honestly hope it stays that way because it is rare to see these days. Even the name gives a more classic feel to the stadium and that what puts it at one of the elite stadiums in the league.