Postseason Predictions

So now that I’m completely done my team previews and you have all seen how I predict it will pan out, here’s the playoff and award predictions.


Divisional Round

Cubs over Mets
I feel like everyone jumped on me having the Cubs finish with the best record. Well I got them going a step further. A playoff rotation like there’s shouldn’t have failed last season. Some of their offensive guys are getting older, but they recognize this may be their last hurrah as they are all probably near the end of the primes of their careers. As for the Mets, their bullpen is nice, but you don’t get to them unless you have the lead.

Red Sox over Indians
The Red Sox are just a playoff team. They’re built with the intangibles and I’m big on that. A deep rotation with an unbelievable bullpen gets the easy nod over Cleveland here.

Yankees over Angels
Come on, a playoff rotation that could potentially be CC, AJ, Wang, then Pettite or Joba. You have to at least win the first series. The Angels counter with a solid rotation but I think the close series goes to the Yanks.

Dodgers over Phillies
As much as it hurts me to say this, I think the Dodgers get the best of the Phils this time. Manny is a force and the rest of the offense can hit. They have some good young arms and a solid bullpen. Close series, but no cigar for my Fightins.

Championship Round

Dodgers over Cubs
I’m all about the Dodgers this year, they have a heck of an offense. This is where the Cubs magic ends this season. In the rematch of last year’s NLDS, this result is the same.

Red Sox over Yankees
Of course, I love this rivalry and I think they meet once again in the ALCS. Sox move on simply because I hate the Yankees. Just kidding. Well Sox do move on, but my reasoning isn’t because I hate the Yankees. Intangibles move them on.

World Series
Red Sox over Dodgers
With Josh Beckett in October, you can’t go wrong. Sox win their third in six years.


American League MVP
Grady Sizemore
He’ll be the most valuable player for his team this season as I expect him to have a higher batting average than last year. He does it all; steals, scores, drives home runs, hits homeruns, and plays a great centerfield.
Other Possibilities: Mark Teixeira, Dustin Pedrioa
Wild Card: Evan Longoria

National League MVP
Ryan Howard
He was robbed last year. Lead the entire league in homeruns and RBIs and he struggled. It’s scary to think that he can do better, and then when you look at the fact that he could increase his average, he can definately increase his 146 RBIs.
Other Possibilities: Albert Pujols, Manny Ramirezhalladay02.jpg
Wild Card: Pablo Sandoval

American League Cy Young
Roy Halladay
He throws complete games like it’s his job. If he has a year like his last, he’s bound to win this award.
Other Possibilities: Cliff Lee, Ervin Santana (my pick prior to injury), Jon Lester
Wild Card: John Danks

National League Cy Young
Chad Billingsley
I think this kid is bound to break out. I think this is the year Billingsley steps up and becomes the Dodgers ace. He definately has potential for 20 wins, 200+ strikeouts, and a sub-3.00 ERA.
Other Possibilities: Brandon Webb, Tim Lincecum
Wild Card: Ricky Nolasco

American League ROTY
Travis Snider
The reason I like him for this award is because he has a definate job. He will definately get his chances to move up in this lineup as well. I got two Jays winning awards.
Other Possibilities: Matt Wieters, Either Athletics 21-year-old
Wild Card: Elvis Andrus

National League ROTY
Cameron Maybin
He has so much potential and he had an awesome performance when called up in September last year.
Other Possibilities: Colby Rasmus, Tommy Hanson
Wild Card: Jason Donald

Now that that’s over with, let the Phils raise the championship banner and play ball. Brett Myers, you may now throw the first pitch of the 2009 MLB season.



  1. Lissi

    Yeah I think the Indians will put up a bigger fight than you say. haha Playoff predictions are impossible because you never what’s going to happen once people get there.
    And Grady should definitely get the MVP, I just worry that everyone saying he’s going to get it now will jinx him or something. haha

  2. mlbmark

    I agree with your AL Cy Young, but that’s about it. This is all pretty mainstream predicting, the favorites/headline-makers, and it just doesn’t work out that way these days…all about Shocktober and drought-busters in 2000s.


  3. hotkorner

    Predictions aren’t that interesting because they are generally obvious. That being said, Pedroia and Quentin last year weren’t near the top of anyones lists. I kind of figure Pedroia won by default because Quentin lost his cool breaking his bat and wrist. It hurt his team, putting the White Sox in a position of playing a one game playoff. The voters were thrilled about that because it gave them a reason to vote for somebody else. Probably more thrilled it gave them a chance to vote for a Sock of a different color, Red. It was pretty clear to me that Youkilis was more valuable to the Red Sox anyways. He switched over to third and played well.
    Furthermore, a guy like Adrian Gonzalez, who produced most of the offense on an impotent SD team wouldn’t even get a glance because his team was at the bottom of the NL.
    How do you even define Most Valuable? I think it should be the Most Valuable Player in the League not MV to his team. But who am I? Usually the trend is MV to his team and the team has to make the playoffs and he has to be hot in September. Even then, Pujols defied the usual trend towards voting for a player on a third place team.
    And consider this…CC, Bay, Ramirez, and Tex played in both leagues. You can make an argument for any one of the four, most clearly CC and Ramirez. Yes Bay, he hit .300 30+ doubles 30+ HRS 100RBI 100R.

  4. hotkorner

    You went out on a limb with Nolasco as Cy Young, but I respect that you did. But I figure there are two more exciting pitchers in that rotation in Johnson and Volstad.
    And what late season call ups are eligble for ROY? Is David Price with Tampa or Brandon Wood with LAA eligible?
    I’m not trying to criticize you personally in my comments. Please don’t take it that way. I have the Reds in the NL Central and I’m a Cub fan. I get plenty of criticism for that.

  5. hotkorner

    Reds over Ari, Braves and Cubs miss out again.
    Rays over Red Sox, White Sox and Angels early vacation.
    Rays Champions over Reds.
    More intersting will be the division races. You have 3 legitimate contenders in every division but the AL West. There are alot of good young players in the league this year who can make a difference and they will get more attention now that MLB has a network. You won’t have to watch the East Coast Bias Show.

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